Sports Massage in West Parley

Are you playing a lot of sport, finding yourself hitting the gym on a regular basis, loving exercise or just being physically active? Well at some point I’m sure you will be feeling a little sore and maybe a little bit stiff. Sports / Deep tissue massage is a great addition to your self care to help reduce this soreness and stiffness.

I like to use a variety of soft tissue techniques, movement and offer you rehab exercises as part of your self care. I ultimately want to help you to have a reduction in pain, improve your range of motion by reducing the stiffness and giving you the confidence to move freely and optimise your performance.

The mechanics of massage

While research is telling us now, the mechanics of massage may not be doing what we have always been led to believe, although it is clear in the research that massage cannot affect the tissue structure, it is just too strong and too deep! BUT, what we are doing is interacting with the nervous system, I want to reduce that fight/flight response, which is how are body reacts when we are stressed or anxious and introduce the rest and digest response. It is these responses that will control the state of the muscle.

The right pressure

Sports / Deep tissue massage isn’t about pain anymore its about applying the right pressure to certain body areas to trigger that physiological response. ‘No Pain – No Gain’ is now a very much outdated narrative. Sports / Deep tissue massage should feel satisfying, and should never be painful.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a deep massage with that ‘Good pain’ feeling, but you must be able to relax otherwise the body will just fight back. I will apply just the right pressure not only to feel amazing but to relieve those aches and pains as well.

An effective way to restore balance to your musculoskeletal system, leaving you with a feeling of recovery and flexibility.

Prices for sports/deep tissue massage

60 min – £45
45 min – £35
30 min – £25

New Clients – 60 min (£45) includes initial assessment/consultation

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