Facials in West Parley

Relax and unwind with a facial using Tropic skincare

I absolutely love using the award winning Tropic skincare range, with these gorgeous skincare products I can help you unlock your natural glow. Tropic uses the most innovative ingredients nature has to offer. 

Healthy skin starts with nature’s healthy ingredients.

A personalised facial with an emphasis on massage

By integrating the facial with massage, it allows me to combine the freshness of a facial with the relaxation of a massage. It’s truly heavenly! By bringing these two elements together I hope to enable your mind to slow and your body to rest.

Both my facials will leave you feeling radiant and glowing.

Choose either the hydrating facial or brightening tightening facial.

Each facial consists of an initial cleanse, a brightening polish that will instantly smooth and brighten the skin, then to follow with a deeper cleanse, this water-activated powder refines, clarifies and smooths complexions.

We will then prime the skin with a soothing toning essence, then apply a luxurious serum packed with the natural ingredients prior to a facial massage, helping to relax the facial muscles. Whilst you are truly relaxed we will then apply the mask, relieve tension from the neck and shoulders, then finally a moisturiser.

This quenches your skin’s thirst to give your complexion a dewy youthful bounce. This truly magnificent, moisture magnetising facial is a definite healthy, hydrated skin win. Packed with hyaluronic acid, plant peptides and evergreen fern extract. 

This facial is great for an instant luminosity boost. Packed with super berries and vitamin c this facial works to stimulate collagen production, as well as giving you an all-round brighter complexion.


45 min – £35 includes face, neck & shoulder massage
75 min – £45 includes face, neck, shoulder, hand & foot massage

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